Demoscene is a modern cyber culture and a computer art direction, the main feature of which is the construction of video sequence in the real time on the basis of computer games. Programmers, designers and musicians are working on the creation of this “Demo”, now therefore this area represents a synthesis of programming and art.
Besides the basic activity – the creation of “Demo”, there will be held various events for artists, designers, video makers, 3D-modeliers, and musicians; there will also be a separate contest for programmers. If you want to create something new and are ready to show your results and achievements, feel free to join us at the festival. Meet people, communicate, find all the necessary knowledge, and become famous.
We will create a space, where people from different countries, such as Ukraine, United Kingdom, Poland, Finland, Russia, and Germany will work together. This is a space for active communication and obtaining valuable knowledge.
We are waiting for you and your active participation!


Pavlo Pedenko

Head of Web Development
at 1+1 media,
Product Owner at

Online Video Distribution: Challenges and opportunities for content makers