4K Intro (4K)

Name: 4K Intro (4K)

Type: Contest / Competition (Compo)

Direction: programming of graphics

Participation: anyone can take part, if the project meets the competition rules

Technical requirements: Visiting a festival, you should be able to download your project through the internal network

Time: 10 minutes for one project

Moderator: Oleksiy Komarchuk


Description: A grogram, which plays something on the screen, should be the result of the project, if you have enough skills, you can add sound. Example:

Competition rules

Time of display: maximum 10 minutes

The size of the project must not exceed 4096 bytes

Platforms: PC (Windows) (if the project is not intended for PC / Windows or Linux, please contact the organizers in advance) Please, note that the work can be a browser type, that may be, for example, js demo.

Extension: when you start the project, it should have the option of choice expansion (it can be 3 separate exe files) – 1024 × 768, 800 × 600 or 640 × 480.