ZX Spectrum AY-Music

Name: ZX Spectrum AY-Music

Type: Contest / Competition (Compo)

Direction: music for the ZX Spectrum

Participation: anyone can take part, if the project meets the competition rules and if participant pre-registered for the contest (before a registration deadline).

Technical requirements: During the contest participants will be provided with a workplace and with a limited time to demonstrate their skills.

Time: 3 minutes for one projects

Moderator: Oleksiy Komarchuk


Description: The result should be music, done in any AY / YM tracker for ZX Spectrum. Turbo-Sound (6 channels) is allowed.

Competition rules

Time of display: a maximum of 3 minutes for one work

Maximum of 3 from author

Maximum size: 16384 bytes

Compiled from # C000, all entrance points should be determined. It’s recommended to provide non-compiled version with the data about the tracker, used. The works will be played in stereo with ABC.

Your work should be still unpublished and must not use audio materials (vocals, records from other musical works, etc.), protected by copyright, if the work does not meet the requirements, the author bears the responsibility for it.