Dmytro Sklipus

Title: Creating a robot for competition

Type: Seminar / Lecture

Directions: developer, robotics

Participation: members only

Lecturer: Dmytro Sklipus /Software Developer at VRP Consulting

Roborace is one example of mobile racing robots’ competition that takes place in a form of a championship, consisting of several stages. Both, the entry-level constructions (e.g., based on the LEGO constructor), and complex robotic devices, are taking part in the competition. Competition regulations are being formed in such a manner that they should cover the widest range of features and capabilities of robotechnical constuctions.

The report will answer the following questions:

How the creation of robot starts;

What “brains” should you choose for controlling the robot;

What technical vision is there, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the specific sensory systems’ usage.