Attention! The rise of the machines! Bots have filled all areas of existence without any vivid emotions and aesthetics.

    The “Robotics” dimension at the DE: CODED festival will show:

  • How the programmed Lego robots, created by children, will compete in “RoboSumo”;
  • How students and robotics guru will start their autonomous robots on the track, which, in their turn, will compete with each other in the style of the “DeathRace” movie, the fastest robot will win;
  • How the factory-supplied KUKA robot arm will perform art, will trace out the calligraphy of Eastern countries

And much more interesting and enchanting.
During the two days of the festival, every visitor will be able to participate in the radio guided cars’ competitions on a professional track for the Roborace auto bots’ competition.
We will also show you how to build your own robot and how to teach him to make decisions. We will create a space, where the bright minds of Robotics will share their knowledge, and where everyone willing will plunge into the mysterious world of robots.