Design is a section for those, who can center-pop, curve, grid modules and adjust layers, for those, who know that the line spacing for Web should differ from the one for Print, and who know the difference between a golden-section and a rule of thirds; for those, who know that you-have-to-do-this-damned-usertesting-end-off! and that you may get a spanking by a tablet pen for the disordered layers or for printing in .JPG.
And if you can’t do that / don’t know how – sweep it under the carpet, come and learn 😉

    We, HAP:PY Design, make our own oasis for graphic designers, UX / UI, illustrators, animators, etc. at the DE:CODED, so you could:

  • Meet your co-tableters;
  • Learn new tricks;
  • Get a feedback from the lead designers about your work;
  • Find a job or a team for your project;
  • Gain inspiration;
  • Compete in the design games and competitions;
  • Have fun and relax.

We will try to make a memorable event for designers with awesome speakers, with workshops and a gallery of your works, knock out the best prizes for our competitions and simply have a great time 😉
The more of you come, the better hangout there will be. That’s why, buy tickets and call your friends


Nanсy Glaser

Stanford University SEED Program, Business Coach

Design Thinking

(Українська) Назар Федорчук

(Українська) Founder SenStone

SenStone. Технологія та дизайн.

(Українська) Юрко Кирилів

(Українська) Founder&designer Desugn bureau Hochu rayu

SenStone. Технологія та дизайн.

Dmitry Meleshko

12-years-old programmer, GoITeens

Motivation: Can I do it myself or should I wait to be taught?

Sonya Rashkovan

Future Project manager in IT&fashion industry

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Oleg Hasyoshyn

Co-Founder & Creative Director at The Gradient, Former Creative Director at ELEKS

Experimental Design 

Pavlo Pedenko

Head of Web Development
at 1+1 media,
Product Owner at

Online Video Distribution: Challenges and opportunities for content makers

Vasyl Mylko

R&D Director at SoftServe

Last man on Earth

Alyssa Trawkina

Interaction Designer & CIO
at Coworking Platforma

Design Interactions & Multidisciplinary Design Practices