Quake 3

Quake 3 is one of the first cyber sport disciplines, admitted by the whole world. The most popular game, which has been played in every club in the early 21st century. De:coded offers to remind those times and enjoy the atmospheric competition with the help of Quake 3.
De:coded cyber sport amateur tournament on Quake 3 discipline is a single stage of cyber sport competitions’ tournament, which will be held during June 3-5 in Lviv Palace of Arts.
The tournament is supported by Predator and WePlay.

Name: Quake 3
Type: Competition
Direction: Cyber Sport: Quake 3 Tournament
Participation conditions: event is available for viewing to all participants of the festival. Players, who have registered for the tournament, but not later than one hour before, are able to take part in the tournament.
Technical requirements: none
Time: 21:00 06.03.2016 – 23:00 06.04.2016
Moderator: Serhiy Shargha