League of Legends

League of Legends is currently the most popular cyber sport discipline in the world, considering the number of players per day and the views on the Twitch resource. De:coded team decided to run an amateur League of Legends tournament to promote this discipline in Ukraine. This tournament will allow all fans of the game to show their skills and prove themselves in the Ukrainian League of Legends community.
De:coded cyber sport amateur tournament in the course of League of Legends is a separate stage of the tournament competitions in cyber sport subjects, which will be held on June 3-5 in Lviv Palace of Arts. The winner of the tournament will receive 15,000 UAH! Each member of the team, which loses, will receive a gift from one of our sponsors Zone51, namely

Name: DE:CODED League of Legends
Type: Competition
Direction: Cyber Sport: League of Legends tournament
Participation conditions: event is available for viewing to all participants of the festival. Teams are able to participate in the competition only by pre-registration and by proof of registration. Each participant must have a personal account to participate in the tournament.
Technical requirements:
Date: 03.06.2016 11:00 – 05.06.2016 16:00
Moderator: Serhiy Shargha